About Us

The Transformation Project is an online nutrition coaching company founded by Nick & Larissa Perales- A power house older brother, little sister team.


The Transformation Project is an online

nutrition coaching company founded by

Nick & Larissa Perales. A power house

older brother, little sister team.

We know EXACTLY how you feel.

When we first started our nutrition & fitness journeys over a decade ago, we made all of the classic mistakes. We ate extremely low calories, did hours of high-intensity style training daily and landed firmly in the restrict and binge cycle with a horrible relationships with food and body image.

What we quickly realized is that, while we always blamed ourselves,

it was actually the programs that we were doing that were fundamentally flawed.

We then noticed there was a massive gap in our industry.

Every program out there was only focused on one thing: calories in vs calories burned. And, while important, it was missing a MASSIVE piece of the puzzle: that everyone is unique!

And that's when we stumbled upon a secret way of producing results that made everything easier and success almost guaranteed.

A little something we call the Total Transformation Method.

And when we finally understood the power of this simple solution, it changed the entire trajectory of our lives.

The Total Transformation Method ends the frustration of not seeing results despite all of your hard work. This method will finally allow you to create LASTING change with less effort. It is the true definition of work smarter, not harder.

It’s truly the most powerful tool that every individual should have, and now we're on a mission to share it with people just like you!


The Transformation Project's mission is to transform the lives of women and men who want to thrive in life in a body they truly love, are proud of, and are confident to live in through simple sustainable nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

The Transformation Project does this by providing the best information and services possible through our Total Transformation Method. We celebrate success every time one of our clients achieve a complete mental and physical transformation.


Our aim is to transform the lives of one million people through simple sustainable nutrition and lifestyle coaching.


Contribution- At the end of the day, we ask ourselves: What did I contribute today? When looking ahead, we seek ways that will contribute the most. We contribute on many levels, to society, community, clients, company, team, product and service. We contribute through our daily duties and also through improving our approaches and adding to the bigger picture. With attention to detail we produce high quality results. With innovation, we produce new value. 

Understanding- We develop a deeper understanding of people in order to work better together and maximize our total contribution. It is not enough to ‘know’ we must also understand. If we do not understand, how can we contribute? And if we understand well, we can contribute so much more. To achieve this, understanding is important for each of us. To contribute more we must understand our business and our clients. To collaborate well we must understand ourselves and each other. Going beyond ignorance and assumption means we have a learning approach, always seeking to understand better.

Growth- The success of our mission depends on each individual within the organization. Your technical skills, tactical proficiency, and attention to detail. Through innovation and collaboration we multiply our contribution. Change is inevitable. Progress is good and leads to success. If you do not keep up, you will fall behind. 

Meaningful Work- Hard work and striving is the key to success. We do the work that needs to be done when it needs to be done.

Integrity- Uncompromising integrity is our standard. We always act right by ourselves, teammates, clients, and our community. Even if it goes against popular belief, it takes longer than we want or is harder than we expect. We do what is right. We take to heart our values, vision and mission. We are honest, reliable, and caring in our dealings with other people. Who we are is what our company is.

What Do We Stand For?

The Transformation Project solely exists to transform the lives of women and men who want to thrive in life in a body they truly love, are proud of, and are confident to live in. 

We pride ourselves in our connection based approach. We relate to each individual, understand their core desires, and meet them where they are. 

The Transformation Project weight loss philosophies go against the present day fads of “diet cycling”, magic pills, and extreme methods to lose weight. 

It is our duty and obligation to stand up and protect our community from becoming victims of unethical, misguided and/or misinformed nutrition and fitness practices. 

It is our responsibility to inform, educate, and empower our community to take control of their nutrition, health, and well-being. 

The success of our clients is dependent on the delivery of our unmatched coaching, support, guidance and accountability.

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